About Graham & Ginger

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Graham Cracker was born on December 30, 2003. My wife Sherry found him in a pet store after a friend suggested that she look into the Basenji breed for a first dog. They seemed to form a special bond right away when she picked him up. However, she almost didn't get him, because she left the store to sleep on the decision. She called immediately the next morning, and it's a good thing she did, because someone else called right after and asked about him as well! Graham lived a good long life, and sadly, he passed away in 2018.

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After moving out of our condo, mainly because we wanted a second dog, and were only allowed to have one, Ginger Snap came into our lives. Originally given the name Hershey by the breeder, we changed her name to keep with the "G" and food theme we had going. But to honor her original name, her AKC papers show her full name as Ginger Snap Hershey.

Ginger was born on August 26th, 2012. Although we first saw her at 6 weeks old, we were not able to take her home until 3 months, after we had finally sold our condo. She was younger than Graham was (6 months old) when he came home, so my wife was not as ready as she thought for the challenges of a young puppy. But I was even less prepared! They really do demand a lot of your time and energy. But looking back, it was so worth it! Ginger was the best dog! Just watch some of her videos and you'll see what I mean.